EAT GOOD PLACE is opening in the park this December just in time for the grand opening of IKE・SUNPARK!

This new cafe will serve as a third place in the community, a space that is neither home nor work, catering to people of all ages and lifestyles. EAT GOOD PLACE believes in a “eat good” philosophy, a virtuous circle that begins and ends with food, and eating well is what this cafe is all about.


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The breakfast menu is designed around the themes of choice and balance.

The cafe caters to a variety of crowds, from commuters needing a quick bite to friends enjoying a leisurely morning meal.

On sunny days, you can venture outside to dine on a leafy terrace or take your meal to go and picnic on the lawn.



The lunch theme is “the eat good.”

Enjoy a variety of dishes using seasonal produce direct from local farmers.

EAT GOOD PLACE is committed to serving timeless, healthy recipes for our guests to enjoy.

We believe that we can bring each other closer as we share the joy of eating together in such a beautiful park environment.



Everyone needs a little break from their busy lives from time to time.

EAT GOOD PLACE lets you do that with its open yet cozy interior with high wooden ceilings and outside on its verdant covered terrace. The cafe space complements our cuisine at any time of day so that guests can take that well-earned break on their own time.

You can even indulge yourself in a glass of wine with well-paired dishes for a weekend night out.

So come out and “eat good” with us this December! We’ll be waiting at the park!


©︎ Photos courtesy of Epietriz