What is a community garden?

A community garden is a collective space for people to grow food together. It is a place to not only grow plants, but grow community connection and learning about sustainability. A community garden may be similar to an allotment garden, but instead of “my space”, the Ike-sun community garden will be shared amongst garden members. Volunteers, with the support of Farmers Market staff, will care for the garden and be able to share the produce.

A community garden is an important greenspace to support biodiversity in cities. By growing a diversity of plants, allowing herbs to flower, saving seeds and creating soil by composting, community gardens are regenerating our city to be a lively, greener place for people and biodiversity to grow together.

The Ike-sun community garden will be what we create. What would you like to see in the garden? We are working with a permaculture designer and ecologist who specialises in creating garden spaces for people and pollinators. We are hosting a series of workshops for our broader community to come together and design this community space for us, by us!
*These are not the pictures of IKE・SUNPARK, but of community gardens in other places.
The community garden hosts regular workshops to help you learn about the process of growing your food while gradually becoming self-sufficient in the vegetables that go into your daily diet.
The garden also gives you some tips to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs in a small space, such as your home in the city.
We aim to create opportunities for people who live in the neighborhood and who are interested in growing vegetables to get together and deepen their community connections, and for parents and children to learn together about food.