Become a bridge between Japan and Vietnam through cooking!
Easily enjoy the taste of famous Vietnamese restaurants

『Saigon Restaurant』 is a famous Vietnamese restaurant that has been featured in the Michelin Guide Tokyo.It was perhaps only natural that the idea of opening a store in Ike Sun Park arose in Ikebukuro, where they have had ties for over 30 years since it opened.

When opening the store at Ike Sun Park, they seem to be focusing on convenience, which is different from going out to eat at a restaurant.“AmiAmi Sweets Fried Spring Rolls”, which won the grand prize in the new experience sweets category of “Japan’s Treasures JAPAN Tournament 2022-2023”, is one such menu.This sweet, which can be eaten while walking in the park and still has the ethnic flavor of Vietnamese food, will be a familiar treat even for people who have never eaten Vietnamese food before.It can also be topped with ice cream, and I can see people of all ages and genders enjoying their time at the park, stuffing themselves with ice cream.

Food menu items such as Vietnamese classics 「Chicken Pho」, 「Banh Mi」, and 「Saigon Fried Chicken」 are prepared in-store, so the taste is guaranteed.We also have a wide selection of drinks, including beer that is popular in Ho Chi Minh City and original lemon sour.「I want people to feel free to stop by anytime, even if it’s not for a meal」 enthuses the store manager, Mr. Tran, who is half Japanese and half Vietnamese, and his eyes sparkle as he talks about 「I want to convey Vietnamese culture to Japan through cooking.」.

Eating Vietnamese food in a park surrounded by grass under the blue sky is sure to be a great time.

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