The Toshima Kids Park, a playground for children, opened on a site adjacent to IKE・SUNPARK and the Ikebukuro Health Center on Saturday, September 26! (*It is not operated by IKE・SUNPARK management team, but a different one.)

The Kids Park was designed by the world-renowned industrial designer Eiji Mitooka, who also supervised IKEBUS, which is currently running in Toshima Ward. The whole space is decorated in ‘IKEBUKURO RED’, which is the same color as IKEBUS. A mini SL runs between the mini houses and the observation deck within the park.

As the first step to an inclusive park in Toshima City, the park has a sandbox where children in wheelchairs can sit and play, and a safe swing set where anyone can play together without fear of being rolled over, so that children with and without disabilities can play together.
It is a safe facility for infants and children in nursery schools and visitors to IKE・SUNPARK.

Toshima City is the most densely populated city in Japan, and more than 80% of its public and private licensed nursery schools and kindergartens do not have school yards. Due to the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus, some of these schools have not been able to offer field trips and other out-of-school activities. In order to support such out-of-school activities, the kids park will be reserved for kindergarden students in the mornings on weekdays and used as a playground.

The Kids Park will be open for free of charge from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. However, in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, online reservation is required to enter. There will be a one-hour time limit for the use of the park and a limit of 80 people, including parents and guardians. (Reservations will be accepted from Wednesday, September 23.)


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Furthermore, along with the opening of the Kids Park, IKE・SUNPARK has been added to the route of the Ikebukuro electric bus IKEBUS since September 26!

Enjoy your time with your children at the Kids Park in addition to the playground equipment at IKE・SUNPARK.


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