In order for IKE-SUNPARK to continue to be loved by the community, we kindly ask all park users to respect the following requests:
Please refrain from disturbing other park users.
Please refrain from disturbing the neighbors.
Please refrain from damaging the park facilities.
Do not disturb the neighborhood.Be quiet particularly in the morning and night.
No smoking and open fire in the park.
Take trash home with you.
Do not feed the animals.
Do not feed the animals.
No advertisement and sales in the park without permission.
Refrain from biking in the park.
Keep your pet on a leash and take trash home with you.
If we find these activities, the Park Office staff will kindly request you to stop. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Opening a Store in KOTO-PORT

Due to the closure of KOTO-PORT store operators, we are recruiting new store owners.
If you are interested in opening a store, please check the application guidelines, fill out the designated store opening application form, and submit it along with other documents by mail or email by the store opening application deadline. Masu.

[Store opening application deadline]
September 29, 2023 (postmark valid on that day)


Except for events related to Toshima City or the park's designated manager, we are not accepting applications to hold events in the park at this time. If you are interested in opening a stall at our farmers' market, please click here.

Interviews and Filming

If you wish to interview or film in the park, please read the guidelines for interviews and filming (in Japanese, mainly on page 9) and contact the Park Management Office (

FAQ よくある質問

I would like to use the park for events and group activities.
You can use the park for your event or activity by applying in advance. For more information, please refer to the "Events" section.
Do you have a waste bin?
We have two waste bins in the park. We ask for your cooperation in separating the trash.
Do you have a parking lot?
There is no parking lot for the park users. Please use public transportation or a nearby coin-operated parking lot.
Do you have a bicycle parking space?
There are two bicycle parking spaces in the park. Please line up and park your bicycles so as not to bother other users.
Do you have a smoking area?
There is no smoking area. Smoking is not allowed in the park.
Can I bring my own audio equipment?
Please be moderate in using the equipment so as not to bother other users and neighbors. The details will be decided at the time of application for the occupancy of the space.
Can I have a barbecue in the park?
No barbecue or the use of fires is allowed in the park.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Can I bring my pet with me?
Some park visitors may be sensitive to animals or have illnesses.From January 1, 2021, pets are only allowed on the lawn in the designated "Pet-Friendly Area".
Please do not remove the lead from your pet or use a long lead that you cannot control. Also, please take your trash home with you.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Can I use my tent on the lawn?
Please refrain from using tents or plastic picnic mats to protect the grass. Please use well-ventilated mats or rugs. 
For other inquiries, please contact the Park Management Office (